We Have Loved Ones We Want to Protect — Just Like You!

For years the public has relied on their cell phones to protect them from danger in emergency situations.

However, cell phones are unpredictable and are not always reliable in certain situations. The team behind the Panic SOS Button understands this reality, and has successfully developed an app that goes above and beyond what the typical cell phone is capable of doing in an emergency.

Who Needs the Panic SOS Button App?

Virtually anyone can use the affordable Panic SOS Button or Panic SOS Button Plus. The app is well-suited for children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

We created the app to provide our clients with peace of mind when they or their loved ones are on the go. Our team designed a seamless and simple format for the app that makes it easy for anyone to use in emergency situations.

How Does it Work?

The Panic SOS Button app breaks down like this - all users have to do is press and hold a single button to immediately text, email and post an emergency message to Social Networking Accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. This message notifies friends and family that the user could potentially be in danger.

What Makes the App So Special?

The Panic SOS Button allows users to change their emergency message for free, giving them full control over any possible situation that presents a danger to them. Additionally, if a mistake is made and an emergency alert is sent out without any real threat, the app provides a convenient “cancel distress” signal that informs contacts that all is well.

Motivated by the safety of our clients and dedicated to making the personal safety market more affordable, we are happy to bring this exciting new app to the public. We know this is one app you never want to use, but we also know it is one app you don’t want to leave home without.

Packed with tons of personal safety features, get Panic SOS Button or Panic SOS Button Plus for your Apple iOS or Android device TODAY!