Saturday April 15, 2017 / Published in Articles
Dear Panic SOS Button & Panic SOS Button Plus Fans – We are proud to announce that Version 2.0 is right around the corner with tons of enhancements and improvements for both iPhone and Android platforms. Everything you love about the Panic SOS Button app is still there, but has been redesigned and reimagined. We
Saturday November 19, 2016 / Published in Articles
While many aspects of traveling makes it a complete joy, the managing of the entire journey may make it exhausting for travelers. This is all before you even leave the house to enjoy the excursion. After you have booked your tickets to travel to other corners of the world, your travel plans aren’t 100% fully
Saturday November 19, 2016 / Published in Articles
There is a Chinese proverb, “It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books.” You face new challenges every time travel, even locally. It demands care and due diligence. From avoiding car accidents, to subway incidents, it’s important to safeguard against harm and keep yourself as safe as possible. Here
Saturday November 19, 2016 / Published in Articles
People work. Most people work outside of their homes. While technology is offering enhanced capabilities for us to feel secure and monitor home activities (wireless surveillance cameras, home security systems and alarms), many citizens are still facing the threat of burglary. Recent United States FBI reports show a 4.8% decrease in property crime on their
Saturday November 19, 2016 / Published in Articles
Even the busiest and exhausted parents have their child’s safety as a top concern when their little ones go to school and spend time away from home. In a transitional phase where parents are fearful and have anxieties of letting their children exercise some autonomy and personal freedom, it’s fair to say that keeping them
Saturday November 19, 2016 / Published in Articles
It’s road trip season and what better way to pack up the car and drive off into parts unknown for adventure and excitement! It’s time to take a break, relax and leave your worries in another state. We’re going on a road trip, baby! Pick a destination, book the hotel(s), rent a car (or get
Saturday November 19, 2016 / Published in Articles
With violence and crime rates up and on the rise, safety can no longer be taken for granted. Whether commuting back and forth to school, to work, or just traveling freelance via the local subway system, when it comes to ourselves and our loved ones, we don’t want to risk our personal safety or lose
Saturday November 19, 2016 / Published in Articles
Whether you own a car or are simply visiting another city, taking public transportation is often a necessity. Most of the time, riding the subway or a bus is convenient, economical and fairly safe. However, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and take steps to protect yourself while you’re on the
Saturday November 19, 2016 / Published in Articles
As a parent, it’s not always easy to let kids go exploring on their own or spend the night at a friend’s house. With reports on the nightly news increasingly scary, you may be tempted to keep your kids at home until they turn 18. If you take care of an elderly family member or