Is Your Home Attracting Burglars?

People work. Most people work outside of their homes. While technology is offering enhanced capabilities for us to feel secure and monitor home activities (wireless surveillance cameras, home security systems and alarms), many citizens are still facing the threat of burglary.

Recent United States FBI reports show a 4.8% decrease in property crime on their official website, which is a result of joint efforts by Police and public’s self-defense reliance. While this may be great news, you should still take safety and security seriously, and not draw attention to would-be thieves to your home, your sanctuary.

For every household, the security of their family and personal belongings is a major concern and though you can watch your homes from a distance with technology (remote camera apps, for example), proactive preventative measures should be considered. If we have to fight burglary threats, then we must figure out some reliable long term ways that discourage burglars in a cost effective manner.

Here are some tips and guidelines for reducing the attractiveness of your homes from potential burglars.

Keep it Simple

From the outside, your home must not show off your lifestyle. Keep all your belongings inside the house and avoid working on the outside decorations too much which might draw attention.

  • Keep expensive items hidden, and do not leave things out that could be used to break into your home. Some examples include:
  • Scissors or shears for planting. They could be used to cut the mesh in your windows.
  • Loose bricks from that construction project you mean to finish. These could be used to smash windows or break doors and locks.
  • Ladders. You’re practically giving a burglar keys to your home, especially if you keep windows open.
  • Tools. Thieves could use these to unlock doors, pry open windows and even use screwdrivers to remove window guards.

Throw Away the Boxes

When you purchase expensive items such as an HDTV, the latest video game consoles or the newest Apple device, be sure to discard the boxes responsibly. Do not expose to potential burglars that you’ve just purchased these high priced items and that those things now reside in your home. When you recycle the boxes, be sure to hide or remove any identifiable labels, so that burglars don’t see this as an open invitation.

Pack the boxes, label side face down or hidden between other innocent-looking papers so all that would be exposed is the brown packaging.

Cut the boxes into smaller sizes. We all know the general size of what an HDTV box looks like, so use a box cutter to further reduce the waste. If the box is too big to throw out during the week, consider spacing them out over multiple garbage collection pick up schedules.

Opt for Secure Doors

For front and rear entrances don’t go for fancy sliding doors that you have always admired. Locks in these doors are much more delicate which makes it easy targets for would-be thieves. If sliding doors is the currently installed in your home, consider options that make noise (attached a bell that rings everytime the door is opened) or install bars to make it hard to open these doors from the outside.

Also consider door jams and other similar devices to prevent easy opening of doors. Enable and put them in place when it’s time to go to sleep. It’s an extra step to your already long day, but consider the risk you take if you do not opt to do so.

Get Artsy with Plants

Especially with the ones having thorns and complicated bushes. Place them near the windows so that burglars will think twice. Also don’t make the walk way entrance quiet. Let loose stones and pebbles make noise to help alert you that someone may be approaching the house.

Prefer Closed Windows, Especially on Warmer Days

When you are at home, prefer windows to be closed when you go to sleep. Keep them open if you’re going to be home during the day to help air out the house. But once you go to sleep consider closing most, if not all of them.

Statistics show that most home invasions occur due to an open window. Reduce that risk by simply closing all non-essential windows, and making sure they are locked for the night.

Have Somebody/Something at Home

Which device can better protect your home than your friend or family members? While you are out, consider having someone house-sit for you while you run errands. Their presence around the house won’t make the difference so apparent. Guide them properly about doing chores around the house and specifically removing mail which are a big sign of a tenant not being home.

Or get a furry friend such as a dog to help guard the house while you are away. Depending on the type of dog, most bark at the sound of noises such as the door being opened or tampered with. The sound of a canine could be enough to deter a burglar.

Neighbors Get Together

Neighbors could help by watching out for each other. It may be the perfect time for you to pitch in and take part in neighborhood security watch. Don’t have one in your area? Consider starting one.

What are some of your tips and guidelines when it comes to securing your home from potential burglars?