Piece of Mind With Panic SOS Button

If you need BASIC safety, functionality and piece of mind we suggest downloading Panic SOS Button to your mobile devices - available for Apple iOS. You will get the ability to set Email Address and Text Message recipients, and send at up to 3 Panic Alerts.

With Panic SOS Button, you can set up to three (3) Email Address or three (3) Text/SMS Message Recipients. You can set the priority order any way you like.

You also have the ability to send up to three (3) Panic Alerts. Along with custom messages, the recipient will receive your latitude/longitude coordinates to know where you are. Speaking of custom messages, we will never charge you for the ability to edit your message - that's just plain silly!

Distress Cancel Codes allows you to let the recipient know you are OK. In case you are forced to cancel the Panic Alert, you can enter a Pseudo Code. It will look like the distress is cancelled to the abductor, when in reality it is not.

You can also sign into your Facebook and/or Twitter account. In case of emergency, Panic Alerts will also be posted to those Social Media Accounts for your followers and friends to be alerted.

Panic SOS Button is FREE to download and use. It is ad supported to help keep the lights on. In case you need to purchase additional Panic Alerts, there is an option to buy more via in-app purchases.


  • Students & children who travel to/from school
  • Young adults who are out late at night
  • Children who are separated in large crowds
  • Freelancers & employees who travel for work
  • Employees who work late/night shifts
  • Elderly & people who live alone
  • Parents with loved ones they want to keep safe
  • You’re out running/exercising late evenings or early mornings
  • You get lost & need to be found
  • You’re out hiking in a remote location
  • Strangers/burglars in the house
  • You’ve fallen & can’t dial for help easily
  • You feel you are being followed
  • You are kidnapped/abducted
  • There is an active shooter nearby
  • You need to broadcast your location in any emergency
  • ... and EVERYONE in between!


  • Press & Hold the Panic Button to send an Alert
  • Send Text, SMS, Email Messages to designated recipients
  • Social Media Integration – Post Facebook & Twitter messages to alert your followers & friends
  • Customize your Panic Messages for FREE
  • Send “Cancel” messages, letting your loved ones know you’re safe
  • Send a fake “Cancel” message, to show an abductor that the Panic Alert was cancelled – when it really wasn’t
  • Image link to your Google Map location
  • In-App purchase to buy additional Panic Alerts
  • Works in the United States of America & International Countries
  • Panic Alerts will contain your custom message as well as your device’s approximate location
  • WiFi/Cellular Data Connection is required

When you can’t easily dial 911 or Emergency Services, Panic SOS Button can help! We’re committed to making Panic SOS Button your personal safety app.

Panic SOS Button (FREE) is available for Apple iOS devices only. Android is Coming Soon.

For the ULTIMATE in personal safety, please check out Panic SOS Button Plus.


** Location coordinates are approximate. Accuracy relied on WiFi/Cellular data towers
** Continued use of GPS Location on your mobile device may decrease battery life

  • Panic SOS Button
  • FREE
  • Up to 3 Panic Alerts
  • Up to 3 Text Message Recipients
  • Up to 3 Email Addresses
  • Location Coordinates
  • Customize Messages
  • Cancel Codes (Distress, Pseudo)
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Ad-Supported
  • In-App Purchases for Additional Panic Alerts
  • Available for iOS Devices