They LOVE Panic SOS Button Plus — You Will TOO!

Kayleigh J.Art & Design Student, San Francisco
I'm a student traveling in a major city on public transportation, and this app gives me extra piece of mind. I’m an always positive and optimistic thinker, but you can never be too safe in today’s world.
Eden R.Freelance Makeup Artist, New York City
I'm always on the move when meeting clients. Some I've worked with for years, others I'm meeting for the first time. Panic SOS is the extra safety lifeline in case I ever need it – and I always hope I never do!
Grace M.Fashion Consultant, Austin TX
With the safety perimeter feature, I can feel at ease knowing that if my child goes outside her school and home area I will be notified automatically.
Justyne R.High School Student, Florida
I love the idea that not only will the panic message be sent to my emergency contacts, but it will be sent out to everyone on my social media accounts too.
Lisa J.Mother of Three, California
I'm always concerned for the safety & security of my kids when they go to school. This app puts me at ease. In case of emergency, I can be alerted at the push of a button!
Helena T.Office Manager, Boston MA
I am the first person to greet people when they walk into our building. There was an incident where I felt unsafe with a visitor. I was able to alert co-employees with Panic SOS button Plus and they were escorted out.
Jaime & Selena R.Mother & Daughter, Seattle WA
My daughter is at an age where she can walk to school by herself. I feel comforted with the fact that if she travels faster than a certain speed I will be notified.